Why I’m a Member: Emily Scott, Oklahoma Autism Center Foundation

The Oklahoma Autism Center Foundation became a member of the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits early in their formation and it has proven to be a valuable resource in shaping their organization. They’ve taken advantage of several trainings and have consulted OKCNP on board retreats, various operational supports, and the hiring processes for new employees.

“Before becoming the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Autism Center Foundation, I had participated in Standards of Excellence and Partnerships as Board Chair of the organization. Having recently completed Partnerships for a second time in my new role, I am now committed to attending this training annually with our new incoming Board Chair,” Emily Scott, President and CEO of The Oklahoma Autism Foundation Center, said. “Anytime we’ve needed the Center – whether it be regular trainings or crisis points in our operations – we know we can call them and they’ll either have something ready or create something to help us. That’s especially important for a young foundation like us.”

The Oklahoma Autism Center Foundation recently contracted with OKCNP to provide financial and hiring oversight during an interim period between executive directors. OKCNP helped in the hiring process to ensure to the board and public that the organization was making a sound and unbiased decision in choosing a new executive director. They helped navigate the interview process with questions and interviews and helped the board feel confident in their decision.

“Beyond financial and HR consulting, they also conducted our board retreat, which we plan to do again in January for board development and strategic planning,” Emily said.

The Oklahoma Autism Center Foundation uses OKCNP trainings to get new board members oriented on what it is to be board members, set expectations for their role and advise how best to work and interact with staff.

Aside from the practical applications of the trainings, being a member of the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits also adds an element of credibility that organizations are seeking best practices and investing in the organization.

“It helps for donors to see that in times of operational crisis, we’re using qualified experts to get the oversight and advice we need to handle everything correctly,” Emily said.

For young or established organizations, the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits has a wide variety of trainings and consulting options.

“I would encourage all nonprofits to become a member of OKCNP and really utilize all that their membership has to offer. Even when we’ve asked for assistance outside their standard services, they’ve gone out of their way to support us with creative solutions. No two foundations are alike and this flexibility has proven to be a valuable resource for us.”

Emily Scott, President and CEO
Oklahoma Autism Center Foundation

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