Why I’m a Member: Dr. Angela Carter, Tulsa Symphony

When seeking professional development training, you go to the experts. The Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits prides itself on the decades of on-the-ground experience and diverse knowledge utilized to improve and transform nonprofit organizations. For Angela Carter, the Development Director of the Tulsa Symphony, the clear choice for training from Standards of Excellence to Nonprofit Management, are the valuable courses offered by OKCNP.

“I have been through all of the signature classes and a few I’ve even been to more than once as I always get something valuable out of each class – things that I thought were useful but hadn’t found the right time to implement,” she said.

While many of the classes are designed uniquely for different stages and maturity of nonprofits, Carter believes the Standards of Excellence course is essential for every organization. New and seasoned staff can gain insight and knowledge from Standards to improve the organization at any level.

Meeting with the OKCNP staff face-to-face gave Carter more than just a name and contact info. It gave her someone she knew, who knew her, and her organization. The Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits knows her and her community, and for that, Carter is thankful.

“Having an expert that’s just a phone call away and willing to answer questions is worth the price of membership alone,” she said.

Along with the training benefits of OKCNP, membership brings a sense of community to the nonprofit sector. In each meeting and class, Carter met more new people and gained more contacts. She says these contacts gave her a bigger picture of how her nonprofit affects her community.

“We get caught up in our little world but gathering with other nonprofits makes us mindful of the whole system of the community. It’s good to know the other good that’s going on in our area,” Carter said.

She’s also excited for the future and the new OKCNP Tulsa office.

“It’s a great big, bright space to learn and connect with people. I can’t wait to go to events and trainings there!” she said.

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