Why I’m a Member: Carrie Sauer

While the scope of nonprofits is widely known, they reach every aspect of society, from the arts to disaster relief. Thousands of Oklahomans would be without food, shelter or medical care without nonprofits. The Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits strives to advocate for the sector, which is why Carrie Sauer of Oklahoma City University is proud to be member.

Sauer, Director of Annual Giving, said OCU has been a member before 2011 when she joined the team and quickly found how beneficial OKCNP was for the organization.

“At first, I didn’t realize that all employees were eligible to participate in Center activities, not just the CEO or director-level staff. I was new in my career, and it was really beneficial to attend trainings,” Sauer said.

She has taken full advantage of the training line up, including event planning, Nonprofit Advocacy Day at the Capitol, Roberts Rules of Order for Board Members, Connecting to the Next Gen Donors, Crowdfunding 101, the National Speaker Series, and “Booze Clues,” an event that discussed the rules about alcohol at nonprofit events.

“The caliber of the speakers the Center is able to bring to Oklahoma is pretty awesome. They brought in fundraising consultant Stephen Pidgeon in 2015, and he was great! He’s done a lot of work in the UK in direct mail and donor stewardship. It was so relevant and helpful in my career that I used those ideas in mailings for the university,” Sauer said.

Apart from the trainings and speaker events, the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits offers immense advocacy on the state and local levels. Sauer said she is appreciative of OKCNP stressing how large nonprofit sector employment is in the state, as well as keeping her informed on important topics in the nonprofit sector.

“I appreciate knowing that the Center is representing me at the state and national level, keeping me informed on the important political issues and policies. They let me know when we need to contact our legislators and get involved in advocacy,” she said.

Nonprofits are an important part to today’s society in the local and international levels. They boost revenue and provide a lifeline for the underprivilege in our communities. OCU and Sauer are proud members of OKCNP, and hope the university students looking into nonprofits understand how beneficial the Center is to organizations.

“Being affiliated with the Center gives you credibility as a legitimate organization,” Sauer said. “In fact, I suggest to students looking for employment with a nonprofit to look at whether they are a member of the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits. Having this affiliation shows the organization has training, insight and, most importantly, advocacy.”

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