The Partnership

Nonprofit management is inherently collaborative, as executives must work hand-in-hand with the board chair to provide the comprehensive leadership a nonprofit requires – for both management and governance of the organization. Each person in this “partnership” was chosen for their unique skills and leadership abilities and they can accomplish great things working together. However, there are many things that can stand in the way of a good partnership – from differences in communication style to unnamed or unmet expectations.

OKCNP offers this unique and limited class each quarter to provide executives and board chairs an exclusive opportunity to set the framework for their partnership and clarify how to support one another. Whether a new or established leadership team, this seminar provides practical guidance for navigating your own unique partnership. Even seasoned executives and strong board leaders will benefit from exploring communication styles and goals as the relationship and organization evolves.

Participants can expect an enjoyable workshop (with wine and cheese!) with other executives and board chairs who share similar responsibilities and experiences.

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Board chairs and executive directors can expect to:

  • Receive practical tools that will ensure their partnership is set up to best serve their organization.
  • Understand industry trends of their unique role in the partnership
  • Strategize solutions for challenges typical to the executive director – board chair relationship
  • Identify communication gaps and build more effective channels to achieve success
  • Benefit from micro-consulting opportunities with peers and instructors

Please note: Only one registration form needs to be filled out for each executive director and board chair team, and both must attend to gain the full benefits.

This class is a $350 value that is now offered free to members!

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