The Compass Group: An Executive Leadership Network

The Compass Group is a new course presented by the Center that is intended for seasoned nonprofit executives with 7+ years of experience or having graduated from Leader’s Circle and the Nonprofit Management Certification Program. The course was built on the philosophy that leadership development is an ongoing and never-ending process of self-examination, reflection, feedback, learning and coaching. This network will encourage members to engage in real, authentic and transparent conversations with like-minded leaders, allowing for opportunities to:

  • Share challenges and successes in a confidential and supportive setting
  • Discuss advanced leadership topics to further build skills
  • Fine tune personal leadership philosophy to build a legacy of leadership

The Compass Group is a peer learning group that will foster collaboration, mentorship and advice among members as they navigate the difficult landscape of nonprofit leadership. This course will be a confidential space to process ideas, think creatively, seek solutions, deepen knowledge base and build relationships with colleagues. The goal to provide group members with:

  • A greater sense of security in decision making for their organization
  • Masterful problem solving
  • Advice and counsel, especially concerning tough situations
  • Strategy and direction for their individual key initiatives
  • More effective delegation and staff management techniques
  • Networking foundation and best practice resources

The Compass Group includes six executive coaching sessions where you will receive guidance on becoming an even more effective leader with meaningful action in support of the mission each and every day.

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