Fundraising Summit Part One

Understanding the Fundraising Cycle and Building a Major Gifts Program

Is your organization ready to move to the next level of soliciting larger gifts from individuals, foundations and corporations? We recommend you look at our new and improved fundraising summits. In the first session, Fundraising Summit Part One, we will help you understand the fundraising cycle and how it pertains to cultivating and soliciting larger gifts from your donors. Additionally, we will give you important tactics for building a strong program such as creating a development plan, ensuring ethical policies and procedures are in place and also understanding your own nonprofit’s life-cycle and how it applies to development. This is a perfect course for development professionals (both novice and experienced) along with executive directors and board members who have roles in fundraising.

Most importantly, you’ll also understand and be able to apply important tenets of donor psychology to help guide donors to programs that ignite passion in your organization.

(For those who have previously taken a Fundraising Summit, this information will be much of the same. We recommend continuing the fundraising and major gifts conversation by taking Fundraising Summit Part Two – Advanced Techniques for Wooing and Wowing Your Donors.)

Fundraising Summit Part Two

Advanced Techniques for Wooing and Wowing Your Donors

This is a continuation of the conversations we will have in Fundraising Summit One. We will have a deep dive into advanced stewardship and cultivation techniques that are proven to retain donors and move them up the fundraising ladder. Secondly, we will explore creating strong cases for support for your organization that communicate not just need but seek to honor donor passion and intent. We’ll explore common objections that donors may have to making gifts. Finally, we will conclude with a panel of fundraising experts from both the practitioner side and the philanthropy side to hear about their experiences in working with major donors.

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