Embark Coaching Academy

Learn how to be a better coach

The Embark Coaching Academy is a 3-day (20 hour) virtual learning experience designed for managers, HR professionals and leaders wanting to provide workplace coaching to enhance the performance of their staff and volunteers.

If you’ve had a coach or participated in a coaching exercise in either of OKCNP’s Nonprofit Management Certification programs, you know the powerful support that coaching brings to a work environment. This is about insight into you and your relationships and how to truly provide a space for others to excel. Coaching can help reduce employee burnout, improve organizational culture, and ensure that employees meet goals while also becoming more self-reliant. Incorporating coaching practices into the workplace also builds more competent and inclusive teams that work better together. The Embark Coaching Academy offers a 20-hour coaching course to support managers and leaders in bringing a “coach approach” to their leadership style.

Who should take it

This course is for any manager at any level of an organization who has staff or volunteers reporting to them. Though it is recommended that a participant have experienced coaching in Nonprofit Management Certification: Fundamentals or Professionals, Leaders’ Circle, Compass Group or Navigators, it is not required.

Learning outcomes

• Practice the foundations of work place coaching and apply it to their teams.
• Experience peer-to-peer coaching through coaching opportunities in and outside of the classroom
• Build a coaching culture in their organizations that fosters trust, support, and accountability.

About the Course

• Two-day opening session followed by 2-3 coaching experiences (scheduled independently by the participant) and a one-month later one-day closing session.
• Taught virtually so that anyone in the state can participate. Participants will need a computer or smartphone with a microphone, speaker, and video capability.

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November 3, 2020
November 4, 2020
December 10, 2020

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