The Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits combines decades of experience and diverse knowledge, making us experts at building and transforming nonprofits. OKCNP’s programs span a wide range of professional development topics, delivered by a skilled staff with on-the ground experience in the nonprofit sector. From fundraising to board development to leadership and engagement, OKCNP is your comprehensive training resource.

You can find an interactive list of the courses most commonly offered by OKCNP on our online Training Calendar. We also publish a catalog of our core courses that is available in hard copy at our offices, or in PDF form here.

Some of these trainings can be customized to your nonprofits’ particular needs. OKCNP is also responsive to the needs of the community and offers as-needed trainings on a regular basis.

Standards for Excellence

Standards for Excellence® is a nationally accredited curriculum that teaches best practices for nonprofit management, governance, and legal compliance. It is designed for individuals who want to build sustainable, highly-functioning, sophisticated, and well-funded nonprofit organizations with a clear mission. This course will provide the tools needed to build shared leadership between board and staff, evaluate your programs for effectiveness and efficiency, and make sure your nonprofit stays legally compliant and in the public’s trust. Participants will also learn best practices for long-term community advocacy and securing donor support.

Standards for Excellence

Nonprofit Management Certification Program

Designed for leaders of nonprofits who want to receive practical knowledge on how to run a nonprofit and make a bigger impact in the community. This program helps nonprofit managers develop leadership and supervisory skills to advance their career and be more effective in their current positions. Through training sessions taught by nonprofit experts, participants will have an opportunity to apply and practice new skills and gain confidence in decision making. The program also provides a confidential setting to discuss challenges and network with other community leaders.

Leaders’ Circle

Supporting and developing nonprofit leaders: Designed for Executive Directors and CEO’s of nonprofits, Leader’s Circle is an advisory group that provides a confidential forum to support and develop nonprofit leaders. In monthly sessions, you will be immersed in a supportive community with other non-profit executives for a time of learning, connecting, and discovering. Each session is specifically designed to address multiple facets of being a non-profit leader. You will not only learn principles of leadership but discuss, in a confidential setting, the hard things executive directors face on a day-to-day basis.

Leaders' Circle slider

The Compass Group

The Compass Group is intended for seasoned nonprofit executives with 7+ years of experience. The course was build on the philosophy that leadership development is an ongoing and never ending process of self-examination, reflection, feedback, learning and coaching. This network will encourage members to engage in real, authentic and transparent conversations with like-minded leaders. The Compass Group includes six executive coaching sessions where you will receive guidance on becoming an even more effective leader with meaningful action in support of the mission each and every day.

Boot Camp for Boards

This day-long board summit provides nonprofit boards a collaborative atmosphere to gain insight about board development, governance, and fundraising. All boards will benefit from the “boot camp” atmosphere – it’s ideal for new and evolving boards alike, customized to meet your current needs. Participants will learn insider-tips for board best practices, oversight and management, recruitment, fund raising, and strategic planning.

Boot Camp for Boards

The Partnership

Nonprofit management is inherently collaborative, as Executives must work hand-in-hand with the Board Chair to provide the comprehensive leadership a nonprofit requires – for both management and governance of the organization. Each person in this “partnership” was chosen for their unique skills and leadership abilities and they can accomplish great things working together. However, there are many things that can stand in the way of a good partnership – from differences in communication style to unnamed or unmet expectations.

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