OKCNP Interns Where Are They Now? Alex Towler

by Alex Towler, former OKCNP Intern

When I began my law school career at the University of Oklahoma (OU), College of Law in the summer of 2015, the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits (OKCNP) was already on my radar. My mother, and current legal partner, Jeri Holmes, who had worked with OKCNP in the past. Prior to starting at OU, my mother informed me that, if I wished to know more about what working with nonprofits really looked like, (OKCNP) was the place for me.

I began interning at the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits in the Summer of 2016 with one year of law school under my belt and virtually no experience. My supervisors at OKCNP allowed me to take on large projects, such as creating a Fair Labor Standards Act introductory training course. Importantly, I was also a large amount of supervisory support to help guide me as I took on such new territory. Toward the end of the summer, I traveled around Oklahoma teaching the Fair Labor Standards Act training course I created. ​

Not only did my experience at OKCNP aid in my career by exposing me to important organizations and partnerships, but I was also given meaningful work that allowed me to grow both professionally and personally during my time there. ​

Now, I work with my mother at our law firm, Nonprofit Solutions, which focuses on Nonprofit law, providing guidance in corporate compliance, organizational health, HR and employment law, and planned giving. My time at OKCNP was material to my current success and I go back every chance I get to see the wonderful staff!​

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