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Why join the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits?

A Membership with the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits is an investment in your organization to make a bigger impact in your community. Membership gives you easy access to the experts, tools and resources you need to better carry out your mission. In addition, you can save thousands of dollars each year for your organization with membership!

OKCNP members receive discounts on all of our services, including consulting, training and the nationally renowned Standards for Excellence® series. You will also have access to deep discounts on nonprofit necessities such as Office Depot, 95% off GrantStation, varied discounts from ReadyTalk, Monitor Liability, Bluewater, Sunbeam Family Services and many more. The Center saves more than $6,000 each year just using our own member discounts!

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We save more than $6,000 each year just using our own member discounts. See all of the discounts available to OKCNP members!

  • You don’t know what you don’t know, and I wanted to learn in the right environment with the Nonprofit Management Certification Program. I didn't want to have that oh gosh we've got a problem environment.

    Megan Stanek
    Megan Stanek Oklahoma Partnership for Expanded Learning (OPEL)
  • I liked the networking in the Tulsa class for Nonprofit Management Certification Program with people I would not normally have the opportunity to mingle. So, the flexibility to float between the 2 cohorts in OKC and Tulsa is great!

    Robyn Hilger
    Robyn Hilger El Sistema Oklahoma
  • "The training was very informative, very well-rounded. I liked that they added in workshops. So, not only were they telling you what could be the best for you to do, but they helped you to figure out how to tailor it for your organization."

    Brandi Davis
    Brandi Davis Oklahoma Humanities Council
  • "I've taken several trainings at OKCNP since becoming a member -- Annual Fund Campaign, Funders Forum, Standards for Excellence, and The Partnership -- we've really taken advantage of our membership, because we want to professionalize our foundation so it has a forward-facing transparency for our donors."

    Jennifer Seal
    Jennifer Seal Putnam City Schools Foundation
  • "One of the best things about the training is it breaks everything down into fundamentals. So, if you are a brand new person, just now starting, it gives you the basics for that. If you are experienced and have been working in the area before, you are growing your skills."

    Amy Walton
    Amy Walton Gateway to Prevention & Recovery
  • "I had never been to a Center training before. So when I registered for the Public Speaking training, my colleagues said, 'You already do so much public speaking. What are you going to get out of it?" I was really impressed because we went through really thinking about building your presentation, and the packet sent home with us was really helpful. The workshop itself was just so full of information!"

    Laura Ketchum
    Laura Ketchum Allied Arts, OKC

Who are the OKCNP members?

OKCNP region map


There are more than 1,000 members of the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits. These members span from organizations in the panhandle to the far south east part of the state. Organizations large and small, with hundreds of staff to all-volunteer, make up the state’s largest nonprofit network.

See a current list of OKCNP members!

How do I join?


If you are a representative of an organization, click here to complete the online application.

  • Organizational Revenue $2,000,000 or more – Annual Dues $799

Students or Individuals:

If you wish to join as a student or individual, click here to complete the online application.

  • Student – Annual Dues $49
  • Individual – Annual Dues $129

Download the 2020-2021 Membership Handbook

Learn more about what is available to members and read what other members have to say!

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if my organization is a member and how can I find out when we need to renew?

To find out your if your organization is a member and when is your renewal date, reach out to Sara Jane Delmonte, Senior Manager of Member Services.


What’s in the Members Only Section and how do I access it?

Not only does membership with OKCNP allow you to attend our classes at a discounted rate along with being supported through our advocacy initiatives for the sector, you also have access to special Member Benefit discounts through vendors. These vendors offer special pricing on their products for our members. The Journal Record, Office Depot, and The Oklahoma Salary Survey just to name a few. The Members Only page is password protected.

To access the code to log in, email Sara Jane Delmonte, Senior Manager of Member Services.


I am not a member – how can I find out what is included in being a member of the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits?

You can learn more about the members benefits, training and other services available through the Oklahoma Center by accessing our 2020-2021 Membership Handbook.


I get the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits emails, does that mean that I am a member?

Not necessarily. Our emails are open to the community. So, members and nonmembers, as well as nonprofits and for profits, are able to receive our emails.


What information is included in your emails and do I sign up to receive them?

When you sign up for our weekly emails, you have access to information on training updates, nonprofit sector news and advocacy alerts.

Still have questions?

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Urgent questions, please let us know! You can also call our Helpline at 1-800-338-1798.

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