Education and Employment Coordinator

ReMerge of Oklahoma County
October 12, 2020
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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Position Description:

Job Title: Education and Employment Coordinator
Reports to: Director of Learning and Continuing Care
Status: Full time, Exempt
Date: October 2020

The ReMerge Education and Employment Coordinator will report to the ReMerge Director of Learning
and Continuing Care and will serve as an integral team member who equips ReMerge participants with
the resources, skills and supports necessary to obtain education and/or gainful employment goals. The
Education and Employment Coordinator will work to maintain professional integrity, exemplifying and
promoting the mission, vision and values of the organization, as follows:

  • Mission – to restore mothers and families through a comprehensive diversion program of
    treatment, recovery, and hope.
  • Vision – intergenerational cycles of incarceration, addiction, and poverty no longer exist.
  • Core Values – Courage (we celebrate the courage and vulnerability it takes for those involved in
    the criminal justice system to share personal stories of trials and triumph, seek new
    opportunities, and create a bright future); Community (with the support from our community of
    partners, donors, volunteers and staff, we provide individualized, wrap-around care. As a result,
    we build a resilient and engaged community of women).

The Primary Duties Include the Following:
This position requires the ability to work with a wide variety of individuals and organizations, including
current participants with histories of trauma, addiction, and criminal activity; on-site COWIB Career
Navigator; local employers; and community partners. The Education and Employment Coordinator will
directly support the attainment of: foundational soft skills and hard skills, GED or equivalent education,
and gainful employment for current participants, with the aim of helping them achieve a livable wage,
retain employment and work toward long-term career plans. Additionally, the Education and Employment
Coordinator will facilitate soft-skills training in a classroom setting, deepen existing relationships with
Fair Chance employers and community partners, identify and grow relationships with new Fair Chance
employers and community partners. This role provides a great deal of opportunity for someone who
enjoys seeking ways to continuously innovate and is passionate about empowering others to achieve the
best possible professional and personal outcomes for themselves and their families.

Duties and Responsibilities of this Position:

  • Oversee and regularly communicate participant progress and needs as it relates to education and
  • Identify opportunities for the entire program team to collaboratively support the success of each
  • Regularly engage with Fair Chance employers, community partners, volunteers and staff at other
    partner agencies who support the ReMerge program to create successful professional outcomes
    for all participants.
  • Consult with participants regarding education and employment goals and map a career plan with
    milestones to support their attainment of professional goals.
  • Guide participants toward pursuing in-demand occupations that will provide a livable wage.
  • Match each participant with a mentor in the community who will support their personal and
    professional journey to and through graduation.
  • Monitor performance in employment and educational settings to establish goals and address any
    deficiencies or obstacles.
  • Develop and implement new Education and Employment milestones tracking system and job
    readiness forms for participants.
  • Oversee the implementation and facilitation of new soft skills curriculum and collaborate with
    Courage Cookies coordinator to ensure foundational employability skills gains of ReMerge
  • Identify and grow relationships with new Fair Chance employers who are willing to hire
    ReMerge participants, both full and part time.
  • Coordinate community resources related to employment and career coaching to ensure that
    ReMerge participants obtain and retain gainful employment.
  • Coordinate volunteer tutors with ReMerge participants schedules to attain GEDs or equivalent
  • Closely collaborate with the on-site COWIB Career Navigator to create positive workforce
    outcomes for participants.
  • Assist with special events related to employment and educational opportunities.

Position Qualifications:

Education Required:
Bachelor’s Degree in Vocational Rehabilitation, Program Administration, Education or related field.

Experience Required:

Minimum of three years of experience. Nonprofit experience preferred; workforce development
knowledge, including knowledge of job search and placement, and employability skills development, is
required. Proven experience with helping participants envision a future career plan and achieve
measurable progress. Experience collaborating and working with a variety of community partners is
desired. Experience and/or knowledge of addiction and recovery, social services, criminal justice system,
trauma informed care, and/or justice reinvestment initiative highly preferred.

Position Requirements:

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:

A minimum of three years of experience in the following:

  • Demonstrated experience mapping employment goals by assessing current skills and education
    participant possesses, identifying skills and/or education to attain, and identifying additional supports
    (mentoring, etc.) participant needs to achieve employment goals.
  • Demonstrated experience identifying areas of opportunity for program/process/procedure innovation
    and participating in implementation of new programs/processes/procedures.
  • High degree of empathy and ability to meet participants “where they are” as well as to help them
    envision “where they could be”
  • Ability to maintain and grow positive working relationships with a variety of Fair Chance employers,
    educators, and community partners.
  • Very self-motivated and personally invested in helping participants find meaningful employment.
    Excited to develop creative solutions to help participants reach their goals.
  • Knowledge of recovery models of addiction and criminogenic behavior a plus.
  • Good working knowledge of the Central Oklahoma area.
  • Excellent verbal, interpersonal, writing and communication skills
  • Ability to motivate others towards achieving goals and hold them accountable for their success.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, team environment with a strong sense of focus, task-orientation and
    scope of work.
  • Ability to work in a variety of settings with culturally diverse individuals with the ability to be
    culturally sensitive and appropriate.
  • A current driver’s license, provide own transportation and insurance on motor vehicle in accordance
    with state law and agency requirements.

To Apply for this Job:

Please submit your cover letter and resume to

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