Executive Director of Ministry Support

First Presbyterian Church of Edmond
September 9, 2020
Edmond, Oklahoma
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Position Description:

The Executive Director of Ministry Support (EDMS or the Director) is part of the Executive Leadership Team and works with the Session to fulfill the Vision, Mission, and Core Practices of the First Presbyterian Church of Edmond, Oklahoma.

The Director provides leadership for staff culture, stewardship and communications and oversight for the Facilities and Finance teams at FPCE. The Director serves the Lead Pastor, assuming executive leadership allowing the Lead Pastor to focus on his calling as Vision Catalyst, Lead Communicator, and Primary Teaching Pastor. The EDMS of will provide creative leadership, teaching, and vision to partner with the Session to ensure the alignment of FPCE’s ministries toward the successful execution of our mission and vision.

The Director will be under the overall supervision of the Lead Pastor. The work of the EDMS, on behalf of the congregation, is subject to the review of the Session through its Personnel Committee. The EDMS is encouraged to participate in an accountability group with respect to personal spiritual life and discipline.

Primary Responsibilities:
Staff Culture: The EDMS is accountable for creating an environment that attracts dynamic candidates, develops employees in the Seven Core Practices and technical skills related to their calling, unifies around the team around the vision and makes FPCE an amazing place to work.

  • Provide creative leadership, teaching, and vision with staff, to help staff understand their unique role in the mission and vision of FPCE
  • In consultation with the Lead Pastor, craft and execute a plan for individual and team development.
  • Engage in all hiring, providing consistency in the process and ensuring that roles are clearly defined with measurable expectations.
  • Ensure a complete onboarding and offboarding hiring process.
  • Provide leadership and oversight in all hiring, working to create a team reflective of our community and that Equal Opportunity, as espoused by our Church Doctrine is practiced.
  • Work with Finance staff and Personnel Committee to oversee maintenance of church human resources records.
  • Plan and execute consistent, measurable staff development and performance reviews, providing education, training and other enrichment experiences for staff. Encourage staff to seek out opportunities to grow their own skill set.
  • Support outside educational opportunities.
  • Promote team-building opportunities and build a culture of collaboration and creativity.
  • Act as a mentor to others in supervisory roles in the church and serve to educate and mentor others in supervisory protocols, evaluations, and HR procedures.
  • Establish, maintain and execute personnel policies and procedures in consultation with the Personnel Committee.
  • Maintain a harassment-free environment and train/educate staff as needed.

Stewardship: Create and encourage a culture of generosity throughout the church.

  • With the assistance of the Stewardship Team, create an environment where “stewardship” is not an annual event, but an integral part of congregational life and an act of faithful discipleship.
  • Seek creative opportunities via social media in worship and elsewhere to celebrate stewardship and at FPCE, invite the congregation and community to faithfully participate in stewardship opportunities, and link our vision and mission with faithful stewardship.
  • Engage with committees as appropriate to conduct church business and develop synergy across Committees and Vision teams to create a culture of generosity.
  • Oversee any potential capital campaign.
  • Assist the Endowment Fund Trustees to facilitate strategic growth of church’s ability to expand its programs, missions, and ministries.

Communications: Craft and oversee a communications’ strategy that shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ through FPCE’s unique witness and culture.

  • Provide leadership, oversight and direction for FPCE’s Communications Team.
  • Create a public relations strategy highlighting the Gospel, new life through Jesus and the seven core practices of FPCE inviting both congregation and community to engage with our ministry.
  • Ensure that all communities affiliated with FPCE are aware of opportunities to engage with our ministry.
  • Lead FPCE through continued process of utilizing different media to utilize new technologies as well as ensure all user communities are served where they are.

Finance: The Executive Director of Ministry Support is accountable for the overall Financial Health of FPCE, through the Director of Finance.

  • In partnership with the Director of Finance, collaborate an effective use of FPCE funds for missions, vision teams, general operations and employee enrichment.
  • Ensure that FPCE operates with a posture of absolute financial transparency and accountability.
  • Work with Finance staff and Committee to ensure accurate and timely use, accounting, reporting, and record keeping of the congregation’s financial resources.
  • Ensure payroll information is accurate for all employees and that benefits are established, if appropriate.
  • Ensure FPCE is in a strong audit posture and utilizes safety measures on all cash transactions.

Facilities: The EDMS oversees the sound maintenance and care of the church’s physical structure and grounds.

  • Work with Facility Director and staff and Property Committee to ensure that the physical plant is well maintained and aligned with the Vision and Mission of FPCE.
  • Alongside the Property Committee and Lead Pastor, present capital improvement opportunities to the Session that further the vision of FPCE.
  • Strive to provide a safe, clean and appealing church home to visitors and members
  • Manage the facilities budget through disciplined use of utilities and supplies
  • Provide safety precautions and training for custodial staff to minimize risk
  • Ensure FPCE provides clean and healthy restroom facilities and kitchen areas through continuous monitoring and cleaning.

The primary working relationships of the EDMS will be with the members of the Executive Team, presently the Lead Pastor, Associate Pastors, and Director of Music and Worship Arts. The Director will supervise the Director of Financial Services, the Director of Facility Management, and the Communication Staff. A collegial relationship with the entire staff is encouraged and fostered on a regular basis, involving regular staff meetings and retreats.

Performance Reviews of the Executive Director of Ministry Support will be conducted annually by the Lead Pastor in a process designed for the entire staff and approved by the Personnel Committee, seeking input as needed from the leadership of various ministries and committees for which the EDMS is a staff resource. The Personnel Committee will annually review the adequacy of compensation and include these in their Personnel Budget for approval by the Session.

Position Qualifications:

  • Bachelors Degree Minimum
  • Demonstrated Business Management / Budget Experience 5+ years
  • Demonstrated Organization Skills 5+ Years
  • Demonstrated People Management 5+ Years
  • Demonstrated Leadership Skills 5+
  • Nice to have: Fundraising Experience
  • Some Facilities Management

Position Requirements:

Sane as qualifications

Position Reports to:

Lead Pastor

Hours and Salary:

$65-$75,000 / year M-F

To Apply for this Job:

Directly or via Indeed

Application Deadline:

Sunday, November 1, 2020

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