Lead Therapist of Residential Care

Youth and Family Resource Center
February 10, 2020
Shawnee, OK
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Position Description: 

Licensed Behavioral Health Professional is responsible for the direction of the treatment of individuals assigned. Youth and Family Resource Center is looking for an individual seeking an exciting opportunity to provide direct care and program development for the Hope House Children's Shelter! This position will service to children and youth who have experience child maltreatment. In addition, this individual will also provide outpatient services to children and families involved with the Child Welfare System. This position is a member of a team designed to provide quality treatment/services and is responsible to Clinical Director. This position maintains primary oversight of all services and treatment/recovery planning for persons assigned to their caseload. This includes, but is not limited to communication and direction with the individual’s team, oversight of the treatment/recovery plan, recommended services and curriculum provided to the individual for their treatment/recovery. Behavioral Health Professional’s under supervision will also be considered with this description. They will be supervised by the Clinical Director in conjunction with their discipline supervisor according to the State Licensure Board Regulations.

  • Duties and Responsibilities:
    • Coordinates the initial screening of individuals requesting services and performs the Biopsychosocial behavioral health assessment in order to evaluate and recommend an initial service treatment/recovery plan. This would include all assessments mandated by regulatory entities and the organization. After assessment, appropriate referral resources will be contacted as indicated by the results of their evaluation with a signed Consent to Release of Information.
    • Meets with the individual’s treatment/recovery team to identify barriers, outcome of treatment/services, or recommended approaches. Communicates recommendations to the entire treatment team or asks for clarification or input to best assist the individual with their treatment/recovery.
    • Provides direct services related to treatment/recovery of the individual, including but not limited to group counseling, rehabilitation services, Individual counseling, specialized groups, Psychoeducation, family or couples counseling, and crisis intervention services. Encourages family/significant other(s) involvement as agreed to in the treatment/recovery plan.
    • Maintains a positive and professional working relationship with other centers, referring treatment centers/agencies (i.e., JSU, DHS, schools) referral and resource persons, community persons, families, and any other individuals who advocate or provide collaborative services for the individual.
    • Responsible for timely documentation of services provided including but not limited to, daily notes, service logs, treatment/service plan/reviews, evaluation & assessments and any other documentation identified for quality care. Actively participates in the CQI Peer Review program to consult and review documentation for standards and accuracy.
    • Provides emergency services and screening for hospitalizations according to the emergency procedure and the Oklahoma State Statue on hospitalization. These services include, but are not limited to, advocating for the basic needs of individuals if indicated, being knowledgeable of resources and alternatives to hospitalization, accessing support systems and coordination of services that may assist in stabilizing the client. Must communicate with the referring entity regarding the reasons for the requested evaluation (if requesting an EOD) or hospitalization. This includes having a holistic view and information regarding the individual’s symptoms, medications, change in status, and struggles with their treatment/recovery plan.
    • Able to function under conditions of “flex-time” when emergent situations arise. This includes, but is not limited to staying late to assist with hospitalization arrangements, counseling the individual in crisis, informing other support persons the needs of the individual, and insuring adequate and appropriate resources or arrangements are carried out in the best interest of the individual.
    • Services also include referral, advocacy and follow-up at the appropriate phase of treatment/recovery planning. This includes referral for basic needs, education, employment and other support services as is indicated by the individual’s treatment/recovery plan.
    • Attends meetings as deemed appropriate, (i.e. team meetings, treatment/service planning, supervision, committee meetings, workshops, etc).
    • Perform duties/responsibilities as assigned by the Clinical Director or his/her designee.

Position Qualifications:

  • Preferred Qualifications:
    • Two years of experience in residential care settings or
    • Two years of experience in Child Welfare, Trauma Focused Care or Foster Care.
  • Minimum Qualifications:
    • Must possess a Master’s degree in a behavioral health related field from an accredited university or college, and be licensed in a behavioral health related field according the OHCA Regulations and definitions. This includes but is not limited to degrees in social work, psychology, marriage and family therapy, and must possess a license or be under supervision by a state board of specialty. Licenses include LPC, LMFT, LSW, and LBP.
    • Must have an interest and investment in working with children and families with multiple areas of concern including but not limited to Department of Human Services involvement, Oklahoma Juvenile Justice, or with the courts.
    • Knowledge of principles and belief of treatment/recovery from behavioral illness, human relations, health and welfare resources, psychological terminology and a team/person centered approach to treatment/recovery.
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills needed to be effective with professionals, team members, persons served, family members and the community.
    • Must possess a positive attitude, exhibit an ability to problem solve, a willingness to communicate problems or issues of concern to appropriate individuals before the problem/issue becomes a major barrier, and exhibit a commitment to abide by the Organization’s Vision, Values, and Mission.
    • Must have good time management abilities, able to be flexible, creative and to offer suggestions or recommendations for the program or organization to consider.
    • Must possess working knowledge of Micro-soft word, and ability and willingness to learn new documentation software for compliance with funding and accrediting entities.
    • Valid driver’s license.

Position Requirements:

This position requires the ability to work with multiple system partners in the community, include Child Welfare, courts, child attorneys,

volunteers, and a wide range of other professionals.

Position Reports to:

Clinical Director

Hours and Salary:


To Apply for this Job:

Please email a cover letter and resume to Bridget Sudderth at BridgetS@yfrcshawnee.org

Application Deadline:

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

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