Hero Highlights: Flying High in Altus Angela Ybarra is the Resident Expert

When Angela Ybarra came to our offices for training, she was a huge presence. A big, beaming smile matched with a “let’s get to it” attitude – she became everyone’s new best friend within minutes. Ybarra is the executive director of Operation C.A.R.E., a nonprofit and ministry in Altus.

Operation C.A.R.E. is a one-stop-shop for people “needing just about everything.” From utilities and rent assistance, to food relief, or to just helping get a new ID or license, Angela greets everyone coming through those doors with a big smile and a caring set of arms.

Like many executives, Angela was new to her job and needed not only some professional development, but to create a network of friends and colleagues in the nonprofit world. She has gone way beyond the call of duty. Angela applied for a grant, and with that grant she took Standards for Excellence, participated in management and leadership curricula, learned about fundraising and governance and much, much more.

But Angela isn’t just a well-trained professional. Today, she is THE local expert. She takes what she has learned and is the resource for other nonprofit leaders, volunteers and board members in Altus.

“It’s one thing to have an executive director in our training room,” Janetta Cravens, Vice President of Programs, said. “It’s a whole different world when our executive directors then become the local sources for best practices. Angela takes that role seriously. That investment in professional development will help transform a community – starting with Operation C.A.R.E. and rippling throughout the nonprofits in the region.”

Angela – thanks for being our voice for nonprofits in Altus. Keep doing good!

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