Hero Highlights: ARE YOU LISTENING? Matt Gleason is Chipping Away at Mental Illness Stigma, One Podcast at a Time

Matt Gleason at the Mental Health Association has been really busy. Last year, he really began to ramp up the production of the Mental Health Download, a podcast on mental health. Each week, he releases interviews and stories with some of Oklahoma’s top experts in mental health along with everyday heroes telling their own stories. Earlier this year, Matt sat down with OKCNP Vice President of External Affairs Dan Billingsley to talk about everything from stigma, the public policy around mental health, to Dan’s own family history around mental illness and addiction.

“What Matt is doing with mental health storytelling is nothing short of groundbreaking,” Billingsley said. “I have listened to podcasts featuring people who I personally look up to. Each story is different. Some are scientific. Some are emotional. Many are raw. Every minute of these podcasts sheds light on a subject that many of us are afraid to talk about. Matt is systematically picking away at stigma and illuminating and celebrating the humans involved in this work.”

Even with COVID-19 looming large in the background, Matt Gleason has not let up on his work. He just published a final podcast about retiring MHAO CEO and community leader Mike Brose (who will be receiving the Pat Potts Visionary Award later this year).

Thank you for sharing the stories, Matt. You are definitely living up to “Doing Good in all the ways you can.”

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