Who are the PEOPLE at your event?

Guest blog post by Fund Your Org

Although it is important to maximize the number of guests at your event, it is even more important to know who is attending your event.  In the P.I.E. method playbook, we encourage organizations to get the “right” people at their event.  Who are the right people?

The right people are the champions of your cause and their invited guests. Your Board of Directors and staff are the lead champions and need to be visible to your donors and the invited guests. These champions need to be telling the organization’s story and why they support it.   The invited guests are your potential donors and future champions.  Guests should have the desire to learn more about your organization, hopefully investing in the impact your organization makes on the community.

The right people in the room contribute to the four C’s of our fundraising strategy.

Connections–The right People connect their networks to the cause.  With organizational fans at your event, your cause will go viral into multiple networks, spreading the importance of your impact.

Capacity–The right People have the capacity to engage in your organization and mission.  Whether they give monetarily, they buy items in the live auction or they want to volunteer, people who get involved are important to the success of your event and organization.

Cultivation–The right People are your loyal, long-time donors.  Whether they give small monthly donations or large periodic donations, the cultivation of a life-long donor is imperative to the sustainability of a non-profit organization.

Celebration–The right People celebrate the achievements of your organization.  Celebration brings energy and the desire to support your mission and work in the community.

If you have the right people in the room and focus on the four C strategy, you will gain in more ways than one.  Join us for webinar about The P.I.E. Method and learn about how getting the right People at your event will double the donations at your next fundraiser.

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