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Businesses that become business associates in the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits share in the important work of sustaining the mission and community impact of our many nonprofits. Business Associates support OKCNP’s mission to build better communities through effective nonprofits. Organizations want to work with businesses and consultants that are engaged in their mission and understand the unique needs of nonprofits.

In working together, Business Associates and the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits create sustainable, mission-focused organizations that make our state a better place to live.

Your annual fee is based upon the size of your business.
1-15 employees: $500
16 employees: $750
Sponsorship opportunities are available

  • It has been extremely rewarding working with and becoming a part of the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits. As a business associate, we have had the privilege of working with several nonprofits referred to us by OKCNP. Along with our membership, we have access to Coffee Connection, which helps us develop further relationships with potential clients and with OKCNP. Coffee Connection is a great way to get you the exposure your business needs, should you enjoy working with nonprofits.

    Christopher Hays
    Christopher Hays Agent, 3000 Insurance Group
  • "After having partnered with the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits for years as a director of development, I am thrilled to now work their talented team as a Business Associate. I am so appreciative of the advocacy work they do on behalf of nonprofits and recommend a number of their training programs to my clients."

    Lindsay Jordan
    Lindsay Jordan Founder and CEO, Write On Fundraising

OKCNP Membership

Our Members are Segmented by Region of the State, Size of Organization, and Type of Membership.

With 984 organizations, just over 83% are nonprofit organizations. Most of the organizations are located in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa areas. 68% of our nonprofit organization members are small to medium sized organizations with annual revenues below $750,000.

Types of Members

Nonprofit Organizations - 890
Associate Members - 83
Corporate & Donor Members - 92

Nonprofit Members by Size

  • Small Organizations
  • Medium Organizations
  • Large Organizations

The OKCNP website averages over 8,250 unique visitors per month, with over 56,000 unique page views per month. The average time spent on our site is almost 1 1/2 minutes, with some pages having averages over 4 minutes.

The Jobs page and subpages are the highest viewed pages according to our analytics. It is the go-to nonprofit job site in Oklahoma, and has repeat users to the tune of over 60,000 average page views in one month. Due to this fact, we use some of the real estate on our Jobs page to highlight upcoming training events and links to important nonprofit resources.

Our highest traffic day to the site, week-to-week, is on Tuesdays. We send out our Training Update e-mails on Tuesdays, which always generates increased traffic to the site.

Unique visits to site

Average Daily Traffic

We have an e-mail distribution list of over 8,500. We send, on average, 3 e-mails per week, including a Tuesday Training Update and a Thursday edition of Nonprofit News. Our open rate averages over 22%, and our click through rate averages over 18%, depending on the target audience of the e-mails. All of these e-mails direct users to our website, which will have clear information on the Business Associate Directory.

Open Rate for Emails

Click Rate for Emails

Benefits to Associate Membership



On-line Business Membership Directory Your business listed on the on-line Business Associate Directory which is searchable by nonprofit organizations seeking services. Listing in the directory includes the name of business, logo, contact information, and a brief description of your services. Our website is the go-to site for nonprofit organizations in Oklahoma and has repeat users averaging 60,000 views per month.
Advertising and Booth Space Opportunity to have advertising and or booth space at other special events. As the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits continues to grow, our opportunities for special events such as hosting conferences and other professional development events also expands. As opportunities to sponsor booth space, or purchase advertisements in printed materials becomes available, the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits will share these opportunities with the contact person on file for your business. Additional fees for booth space at conferences and advertisement in print media will vary depending on event and publication.
Develop Educational Content Write articles and provide materials. Enhance the technical knowledge of your field by sharing in the education and professional development opportunities through OKCNP. This may include, but is not limited to: writing a guest blog or article, designing other educational material, teaching a class or portion of a seminar and/or collaborating on consulting opportunities with the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits. These opportunities will be through invitation by the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits to your business’ contact person. Opportunities will be extended through individual invitation or through open RFP (Request for Proposals).

  • Your business may submit an idea for topics, papers, and classes at any time, but due to the volume of expertise present in our Business Members, only those that fit with the overall strategy and structure of our professional development events will be utilized. The Center does not guarantee that unsolicited material will be used.
  • All teaching and instruction engagements must follow the Speaker Guidelines and the parameters of the contract which will be produced for each event.
Professional Development Opportunities at the Member Rate The ability to take classes at the member rate, including the Standards for Excellence program. Employees of your business may take classes at the member rate, which is on average, a 50% reduction in tuition fees made possible by our generous donors. Stay current on trends that affect the nonprofit sector, increase knowledge for board governance and service, enhance leadership and management skills applicable to any organization, and receive continuing education credits in ethics, finance, and HR.
Access the Center’s Resources Access to the Center’s resources. The Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits is the premier resource for nonprofit business needs and has produced materials, handouts, white papers, and blogs and articles on a wide-range of topics including board governance, legal duties of board members, board recruitment tools and practices, fundraising, board/staff relationships, communications and marketing, strategic planning, board dynamics, employment, grant reporting, nonprofit accounting – and more! Business Associates may access these resources to enhance their work with nonprofit clients by downloading these resources from the website or contacting a staff person. All material must be used by permission and cannot be altered without express, written, permission by the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits.
Annual Members Meeting Attend the annual Members Meeting at the member rate. The Members Meeting is an excellent opportunity to network with nonprofit organizations and meet other leaders in the field. Your business will be listed and recognized as a Business Associate. Promotional opportunities, such as purchasing advertising in the annual Membership Book, and having a booth at the Members Meeting, may also be an option depending on venue and other circumstances. The Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits will alert the contact person for your business of these additional opportunities as they become available.

Become a Business Member today!

In working together, Business Members and the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits create sustainable, mission-focused organizations that make our state a better place to live.

The Business Associate Directory is a service to nonprofit organizations and is not an endorsement, or promotion by the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits. Nonprofits that engage in business transactions with businesses listed on the directory do so at their own risk and will not hold OKCNP liable for any unrendered or unsatisfactory services by business associates.
Business Associate is not an endorsement of, or by, the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits. Business Associates may not, under any circumstance, market or promote their business as being endorsed, promoted, certified, sponsored, or any other language that infers an endorsement by the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits.
Business Associate does not guarantee or promise new client engagement or business from the membership.
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