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Business Members support the Center’s mission to build better communities through effective nonprofits. In addition to the OKCNP’s Consulting Services, this directory provides you and your organization with access to needed services and support with businesses that are engaged in your mission and understand the unique needs of nonprofits.

In working together, Business Members and the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits create sustainable, mission-focused organizations that make our state a better place to live.

 If you are interested in becoming a Business Member or being listed in the business directory, visit the Business Membership page or contact Sara Jane DelMonte at 405-463-6886, x216. 

3000 Insurance Group, LLC

Summary: 3000 Insurance Group is a locally owned and operated independent agency helping associations, nonprofits and small businesses with their business insurance needs, such as [...]
3000 NW 149th St, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA 73134
Phone: (405) 521-1600

Sharpshooter Communications, LLC

Summary: Sharpshooter Communications, LLC is a full-service provider of grant-seeking and strategic communications. We assist nonprofit organizations of all sizes to develop a targeted approach [...]
5550 S. Lewis Avenue Suite 315, Oklahoma, USA 74105
Phone: (539) 302-4599

Jenkins Consulting Group

Summary: Jenkins Consulting Group services improve nonprofit organizations through strategic planning, board development, organization assessment, leadership development, classes, workshops and retreats. Its services encompass current [...]
3768 N. Lansing Place, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA 74106
Phone: (918) 808-6935

EDGE Productions

Summary: EDGE Productions is a full-service production company providing lighting, sound, video and creative services for live events, as well as on-line registration and event [...]
5601 Huettner Drive, Norman, Oklahoma, USA 73069
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Phone: (405) 265-8400
The Business Member Directory is a service to nonprofit organizations and is not an endorsement, or promotion by the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits. Nonprofits that engage in business transactions with businesses listed on the directory do so at their own risk and will not hold the Center liable for any unrendered or unsatisfactory services by business members.
Business Membership is not an endorsement of, or by, the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits. Business Members may not, under any circumstance, market or promote their business as being endorsed, promoted, certified, sponsored, or any other language that infers an endorsement by the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits.
Business Membership does not guarantee or promise new client engagement or business from the membership.
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