The Partnership: The relationship between Executive Director and Board Chair

The executive director–board chair relationship is an important and powerful resource in any nonprofit organization. Each person in the partnership was chosen due to their unique abilities and managerial skills, with the trust and faith of board members. But no matter how strong or fine-tuned those abilities become, there are many obstacles in the balance of managing a nonprofit. Directors and chairs need to work on the relationship, not just in it, to determine how to best develop it and strengthen trust.

To give nonprofits the tools needed to tackle these sometimes-difficult situations, the Oklahoma Center of Nonprofits provides an exclusive course filled with valuable information on how executive directors and board chairs can support one another in their nonprofit endeavors. The Partnership course offers practical advice for navigating distinctive relationships and fostering growth in your organization.

The workshop is one-of-a-kind, led by President and CEO Marnie Taylor, who has spent more than 35 years serving on boards in different capacities. With her valued experience, she understands the demands of a well-governed organization, and how an efficient nonprofit makes a stronger society. The Partnership provides the opportunity to acquire new strategies to solve the job’s biggest issues and learn how to identify potential communication gaps.

Better yet, The Partnership is FREE to our members, a $350 value to kick start the investment in your organization.

Whether a new or established leadership team, this seminar provides practical guidance for navigating your own unique partnership. Even seasoned executives and strong board leaders will benefit from exploring communication styles and goals as the relationship and organization evolves.

“This class is so important in building a solid foundation for the organization that we want all of our members to have the ability to attend—year after year. I know that governance is hard work and can be tedious. However, well-governed organizations are high-functioning! A good board is really the result of years of hard work,” Taylor said. “Because of the participants and their willingness to work together, our sector is stronger, our communities are stronger, and our state is stronger.”

Only one registration form must be filled out for each executive director and board chair team, and both must attend to gain the same benefits.

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