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Now that the 2016 general elections are officially over, we as Americans and as Oklahomans know who our slate of leaders will be for the next two and four years. I would be naïve not to mention that while many people felt elation after the results came in, others felt great sadness. While nonprofits must remain nonpartisan in all elections, our sector’s most important resource is its people – philanthropists, business leaders, nonprofit professionals, volunteers, advocates and those we serve. And as people, we vote, and our individual voices are crucial in maintaining our democracy.

We hear those voices.

The Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits represents a diversity of voices that cross a wide spectrum of political beliefs. Red, blue, purple, rainbow – our membership includes a wide variety of opinions and perspectives. We believe that all of these voices must be heard by our policy makers. This diversity ensures that the people we serve through the missions we carry out have advocates and ambassadors. We have a responsibility – no matter who is in office – to educate our lawmakers about our missions and the people’s lives that are changed daily through the work of nonprofits.

We will continue to be the leader in providing learning opportunities for nonprofit professionals and volunteers, and we will continue to help to unify a voice for the nonprofit sector so that policy makers understand how valuable the sector is to our state. And we will continue to need your help in the following ways.

Stand for your mission.
Be sure that your own nonprofit has a message and a platform to educate the public about your mission’s impact on the lives of Oklahomans. It is up to all nonprofits – both individually and collectively – to stand for our missions.

If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.
Know what is happening at the Legislature and meet with your policy makers, legislators and other stakeholders on a regular basis. It is our civic duty to keep in touch with those working to create policy and law around big issues. These issues could have enormous impact on those you serve, both positive and negative. It’s up to us to be at the table to ensure the people we serve have a voice.

There is power in being nonpartisan.
We believe that our legal obligations to remain nonpartisan make us stronger and more powerful as a sector. By having independence from outside voices, we can advocate on behalf of our missions. We will continue to embrace this important distinction to respect the diversity of political opinions among all of our stakeholders.

We are nonprofits. We are excellence.
The Center models excellence and helps nonprofits strive for that excellence in all we do. As a sector, we have a unique and powerful opportunity to show our supporters how important our missions and values are to helping Oklahoma improve and evolve. We will continue to be a collective voice for nonprofits. Most importantly, we are here for you – whether a volunteer, a staff member, a board member, a donor, a consumer or a nonprofit ambassador. We are nonprofits. We are excellence.

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