Open Letter from Todd Cunningham, Arts Alliance Tulsa

Dear Colleagues,

I don’t know about you, but Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits’ Leaders’ Circle proved to be a highlight of my year. Spending time with others who face the same challenges I do was both inspiring and empowering. In addition to spending time with like-minded friends, the information presented to us proved to be very helpful in our day-to-day operations.

I was personally very excited to learn of the new initiative by OKCNP called The Compass Group. It is basically a continuation of the program we completed with Leaders’ Circle, but is offered for an extended time period with new and additional information that will take us beyond what we learned in Leaders’ Circle.

I am optimistic that Tulsa, and all Oklahoma, nonprofit leaders will see the value of this continuing education and contact OKCNP to discuss the possibilities. I realize the price for the course may be intimidating (it was for me), but I encourage you to reach out to OKCNP and inquire about ways to fit the Compass Group into your budget.

Tulsa is blessed with incredible nonprofit leaders and I have been privileged to meet many of you. I believe it will be a great experience for us to spend more time together and continue to discover ways to improve our organizations and the community we love.

Wishing you the best,

Todd Cunningham
Executive Director

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