Now is the time to “Stand for Your Mission!”

By Dan Billingsley, Vice President External Affairs, Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits

I was just on the phone with a CEO of a nonprofit. This CEO and I talked about how serious the situation is for Oklahomans, particularly those in poverty, those in need, the sick, the elderly, children – almost all of us.

She said something poignant. We have to act as one, together, with one message and say “We have to change the statistics and the situation. We need to invest in Oklahoma and our citizens.”

As a nonprofit, we have to all stand for our missions. We do this through education and advocacy. This year, we are hosting our annual advocacy forums earlier – in the fall – so that you can prepare for the upcoming legislative session in Oklahoma. We will also be sending out more advocacy updates in the coming months about state and federal policy affecting the charitable sector.

Join us on Nov. 30 in Oklahoma City and Dec. 1 in Tulsa for our advocacy forums to meet with legislators, staffers and lobbyists, learn about standing for your mission through advocacy and lobbying and to engage in a group dialogue about advocacy and working together to improve Oklahoma.

We also invite you to join us at our offices in Oklahoma City on the first Thursday of each month at 4:00 p.m. beginning Jan. 4. A complete schedule will be sent out through social media, emails and available on our website.

Those who should attend include those employees or board members engaged in policy work at your organization. We will also try to have a conference bridge for those not in Oklahoma City. We also plan to hold similar roundtable discussions each month in Tulsa should there be demand.

Finally, join us for our annual Nonprofit Day at the Capitol on March 21 in the morning. There, you can join our fellow nonprofits to walk the halls of the Capitol, meet with legislators and talk to them about your missions and the work of the charitable sector.

We need you more than ever to “Stand for Your Mission!” We hope to see you at any or all of the upcoming events.

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