Access to resources is essential for nonprofits – access to experts, training, best practices and the latest trends in the sector. These tools help build new organizations and transform established nonprofits, empowering them to make an even bigger impact in their community. But resources are only the beginning of what members receive from the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits. Membership means more than a toolbox of resources, it provides a solid foundation for success.

Membership means being able to better communicate the mission and vision of your organization. Members receive valuable training and consulting from experts in the nonprofit sector, giving them the tools and tricks to reach a larger audience and gain more support from the community. OKCNP knows the impact nonprofits have on a community, and we want to give members easy access to experts in board governance, fundraising, marketing and more. With a Member’s Helpline, OKCNP offers immediate help to members in challenging situations.

“The value we’ve received from our membership at the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits has been beyond what we could have imagined.  As we’ve grown and evolved we’ve utilized the helpline and coaching services, and our strategic planning and board retreats have been facilitated by experts from their training and consulting staff.  We’re grateful to be able to access these crucial resources through the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits to help our organization thrive,” Melissa Bryce Gamble, executive director and co-founder of The Global Foundation for Peroxisomal Disorders, said.

Members also join a network of nonprofits where professionals can share similar experiences and relay their own tips in the industry, creating communication and cooperation among the sector. Our network offers connectivity with other local nonprofits that might share a similar mission or have an abundance of advice to share about their success. OKCNP gives organizations the power to grow with access to our job postings site – with more than 500 visits each day!

Nonprofits are critical in providing assistance to the underprivileged and changing society through cultural endeavors. As such, OKCNP serves as an advocate for Oklahoma organizations, to amplify their voice in their communities. Our goal is to unify and strengthen the Oklahoma nonprofit sector, advocating to local, state and federal leaders for the common good.

Our Affinity Program also offers members discounts, saving your organization through reduced pricing on training and discounts on office products and professional services from partner vendors.

“Membership to Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits has been a great investment for our organization! Among my favorite membership perks are access to many online resources and the job listing page; discounts on training sessions, certifications, and consulting services; and most importantly, real relationships with nonprofit professionals both on staff and with other nonprofit organizations around the state. When you need advice, it’s comforting to know you’re not alone and to be connected with such a rich community of knowledgeable people,” Dr. Angela Carter, Development Director and Clarinetist with the Tulsa Symphony, said.

A membership with OKCNP is more than just a vehicle for resources. It is an investment in your organization’s future.

For questions regarding OKCNP membership, contact Sara Jane DelMonte today!

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