Know Your Who

Kim Leveridge, Director of Learning and Professional Development
Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits

Conventional wisdom about motivating consumers and staff compels us to “know your why” (see Simon Sinek, Frederick Nietzsche, and others). Oft-discussed in the nonprofit space, “know your why” is the bedrock of mission-driven work. Toward that end, decisions about new programs are typically run through a mission filter with execution beginning only after that test is met.

Great! The mission is set and we are using it to drive decision-making! Now, if we can just get all the resources aligned to reach all the children/elephants/arts community/homeless that need support.

Resource alignment. Therein lies the significance of human resources management as a critical component of any organization. There will be few mission-accomplished moments without the strategic alignment of talent to mission.

HR operations are regularly managed by professionals serving in multiple roles. At times, it can seem that human resources management is reduced to a process of enforcing policies and making sure employees get paid. With revenues sometimes flat-lining, leaders are charged with bringing on new employees, rolling out new programs and plans, and trying to find innovative and effective ways to maximize performance on a shoestring.

One of the most expensive HR outcomes in any sector is unplanned turnover. Thus, employee selection and retention processes are pivotal to mission success. How can we hire staff when we often have lower than market compensation? How do we increase the chance they’ll stay with the organization? What policies are must-haves? Is an annual performance evaluation the best way to go? Why do we have so much turnover in that one department? Are we going to be able to sustain our current org chart or does our strategic plan require growth?

The HR Summit is a full day dive into the world of human resources management. Topics covered include: Employee Engagement, Performance Management, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Professional Development, and Staffing & Recruitment. This session is a great opportunity to commiserate with other nonprofit leaders about the ins and outs of nonprofit people management.

As nonprofit leaders look to the future, we have to find ways to increase employee engagement and organizational efficiency, and execute best practices. This requires a vision of how our human resources carry a mission to sustainable wins. Recognizing the talent on hand, the talent needed, and the best approach to rallying action for the cause requires us to “Know Your Who”. Let’s figure it out together.

To register for the next HR Summit in your area, visit the OKCNP Training Calendar.

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