Gathering Together

Blog post by Daniel Billingsley, Vice President of External Affairs

Last week, I ordered a new cookbook, “Together: Our Community Kitchen.” It was written by the women of the Hubb Community Kitchen in London, created to show resilience after the horrific Grenfell Tower fire in 2016. If you haven’t seen promotions for the cookbook, I encourage you to look it up. It is filled with recipes inspired by countries around the world and built on the premise of “Gathering Together.”

Admittedly, as a lover of world cuisines, I’m really excited to make some of the dishes in the book. Also admittedly, I’m hoping my version is not in metrics, but if so, I can convert!

Gathering together is not a uniquely human trait. The great apes, elephants, whales, honeybees and other species find resilience in gathering as herds or hives. We gather together with those who believe what we believe. Many times we gather together to challenge each other and the status quo. We gather together to love one another, to show our senses of mercy and to seek justice for those who aren’t able to seek it themselves.

And we want to gather together with you!

In just two weeks, we will host our Members’ Meeting in Tulsa, Okla., inviting nonprofits to gather together for learning, sharing and caring. The theme of this year’s members’ meeting is Nonprofit Resilience. Resilience begins with gathering together to learn from one another and share in our experiences. From that we learn to care about one another as we implement positive change on the community.

Year after year, our organizations have developed ways to show greater resilience in a tough economic and social environment. Our organizations throughout Oklahoma are providing more services to more people with fewer resources and in a more challenging environment. The resilience shown from our nonprofit sector is inspiring. Our organizations see challenges – and sometimes crisis – as opportunities.

On Oct. 11, we will gather together to hear from Devon Douglass, Tulsa’s new Chief Resilience Offer, to hear about the meaning of resilience for both our clients and our organizations. You’ll learn about how the nonprofit sector will help communities become more resilient, helping to heal from traumas both old and new.

We’re excited to see you in Tulsa at the new Legacy Plaza, a trio of buildings that will house some of the city’s finest nonprofits. So join us and gather together to celebrate another year of the incredible work of the charitable sector, the power of philanthropy and the joys of gathering together.

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