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Announces our new Speakers Bureau, comprising speakers that provide information and reflection on the nonprofit, philanthropic and charitable sectors. As subject matter experts with more than seven decades of combined experience in the field, our Speakers Bureau can enhance your conference, civic event, meeting or other speaking opportunity with a depth of knowledge and a powerful message about the power of charity. They regularly speak on topic such as community engagement, message management, board governance, donor engagement, community building, volunteerism and fundraising efficacy.

Effective speakers with the ability to deliver memorable messages that resonate with their audiences can bolster any event. We at the Center are excited to lend the expertise of our Speakers Bureau members to the community to speak at events for your organization, civic group, church, Rotary club and more, on crucial topics facing our communities.

Below are brief bios on our Speakers Bureau as well as example of their past speaking events. Links to their full bios and contact information are presented beneath their photos for further inquiry.

Our Speakers

President and CEO of the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits and Journal Record’s 2013 “Woman of the Year,” Marnie Taylor, is an ardent speaker, well-versed in a variety of community issues as well as organizational consulting. With over 35 years of experience of leadership and nonprofit affairs, Marnie has demonstrated the expertise necessary to deliver effective messages regarding the issues facing nonprofits, communities, boards of directors and philanthropists.

  • The State of the Nonprofit Sector
  • The Best Board is a Victory
  • Women and Leadership
  • The Ten Commandments of a Great Board
  • Other topics as requested

The Oklahoma Center for Nonprofit’s Vice President of External Affairs and former Communications Director at Thresholds, Daniel Billingsley has nearly 20 years of experience as a marketing, fundraising and governance professional. He has a keen focus on areas of sustainability, motivation, teambuilding, planning and program and product development.

  • The Why Imperative: Building a strong message for your mission
  • Donor Engagement and Stewardship
  • Avoiding a Meltdown: Protecting your reputation in a crisis
  • The State of the Nonprofit Sector
  • Building Community through Advocacy and Engagement
  • Other topics as requested

The Center’s Vice President of Programs, Janetta Cravens is a professional coach, motivational speaker and nonprofit expert. She is a regular presenter on topics around coaching and mentoring, diversity, equity and inclusion, board governance, challenging conversations, leadership and teambuilding. Cravens served in a pastoral capacity for a number of years, completing two master’s degrees and a three-year fellowship before joining the Center.

  • Coaching for Leaders: Managing with a mindset that engages and empowers
  • The Long Road: Leadership as Governance for Boards of Directors
  • Governance for Growth: Building a Board for Scaling Up
  • Caring Enough to Confront: How to have difficult conversations for all the right reasons

To inquire about the availability of a speaker, email us for more information.

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