As members of the nonprofit sector are faced with both internal and external pressures to do more with less, Shared Services is an attractive option that frees up resources that are needed for mission critical processes. The Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits began providing shared services in accounting and financial management to several of our nonprofit members in July 2014. During FY 2016 OKCNP Shared Services provided financial management services for 15 member-clients. Our pricing model has recently been expanded to include an hourly fee-for-service rate. It is anticipated that this option will be more attractive to smaller nonprofits that require segregation of duties, internal control compliance, and minimal other financial management / accounting services.

Our experienced team of financial professionals includes CPAs, bookkeeping staff, and outside consultants in financial management and human resources. We are committed to providing efficient, effective, and high-quality back-office financial management support and customer service. Educating our member clients concerning the importance of segregation of duties and internal controls is paramount to our goal of being recognized as the “go-to” financial management resource for Oklahoma’s nonprofit sector. As we add clients we stress that our relationship should not be viewed as permanent. Ideally the client will outgrow our shared services relationship by adding staff or redefining roles to achieve the segregation of duties requirement.

If you have questions, please call or email Jana Ruth Harkins, (405) 463-6886 X209 or

  • "[OKCNP's Shared Financial Services] has been a tremendous service that I honestly don’t know how we could have afforded it if it wasn’t for the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits."

    Joe Dorman
    Joe Dorman Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy, OKC
  • “Through the Shared Financial Services we are able to have services of a CPA to help us manage our federal grants because we do not have enough money in our budget for a full time accountant, so partnering with OKCNP allows us to have the best of both worlds -- to have an accountant to meet our needs, and also to free my time up to do more things."

    Melinda Points
    Melinda Points Oklahoma AmeriCorps, Oklahoma

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