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How Does Consulting Work?

Your nonprofit is unique and it deserves a customized approach to meeting your organization’s need. The Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits has developed a consulting practice that delivers solutions tailored to your specifications. Our team of experts designs each project on an individual basis and works with you to create the program or solution for lasting change and for the good of your organization.

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Board Development, CEO/Board Relations, Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning, Team Building and Leadership Development, Facilitation

  • Janetta Cravens Vice President of Programs

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Fundraising, Marketing, Strategic Planning, Board Development

Board Development, Strategic Planning, Team Building, Turnaround, Mergers & Acquisitions, Facilitation

  • Jerry Wright Director of Community Engagement for Southern Oklahoma

    (405) 463-6886, ext. 214

 How Can We Help?

STRATEGIC PLANNING: Build a roadmap for your nonprofit

A strategic plan is a roadmap for your nonprofit to successfully deliver its mission. Whether a single session to devise a short-term, strategic directive, or leading a process over time to develop a long-term plan that directs the work of the organization, our consultants can guide you through a tailored process to meet the unique needs of your organization.

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: Solutions for complicated budgets

Financial management can be a challenge for small to mid-size nonprofits looking to provide extraordinary services with limited resources, and large organizations with complicated budgets can be left wondering how to streamline the process. Our consultants can help to create a framework for fiscal management including establishing record keeping systems, financial tracking and budgeting, accounting assistance and payroll services. We can also train existing or new staff on processes for monitoring and tracking finances and maintain an oversight role, ensuring that the process we work with you to set up is maintained over time.

BOARD DEVELOPMENT: Build a solid support structure

Strong boards build houses – they also build nonprofits. Identify a healthy nonprofit, and you will likely find a healthy and well-functioning board of directors. Our consultants provide a wide range of board-focused services to improve the stability of your organization. These services range from an assessment of your current board to help identify gaps in skills and abilities that need to be filled, to leading seminars for your board members on collective board roles and responsibilities and best-practices. We will work with you to fit your board event, whether that is a board orientation, planning retreat, group training, or general meeting. We can also give guidance related to the role of fundraising and provide practical tools to guide your organization in board recruitment.

HR Consulting: Put People First

A strong staff can build a strong nonprofit. We can help keep things running smoothly with our HR consultants. If you have new hires, or are reorganizing your current staff, our custom compensation studies can help you target the right numbers. Looking to improve your leadership skills? We offer one-on-one coaching to help you further your potential and develop your leadership capacity. Additionally, with staff assessments, you can be sure that your team is working as effectively as possible.

Increase Revenue: Sustain your work with Fundraising

Every nonprofit is challenged to build a fundraising strategy to sustain their organization. Our consultants can help you in your fundraising efforts by assessing your current fundraising plan, recommending fundraising practices, and even training your board members to “make the ask.” We can also craft feasibility studies to assess your fundraising potential for special projects and capital campaigns.

Facilitation: Stay on Track

Sometimes you need an expert third-party to keep your meeting, retreats, or planning sessions moving in the right direction and OKCNP can provide the neutral facilitation that lets your entire group participate. Whether your organization is solving a problem, making a decision, or simply exchanging ideas and information – for a few hours or a full day – our consultants can lead your board, staff, or group in the right process for your organization’s future.

Team Building and Leadership Development: Unleash Creativity and Potential

The strength of your staff and leadership speaks to the strength of your organization. With staff assessments, team-building exercises, and one-on-one coaching, our consultants can increase the capacity for the leaders in your organization. From staff retreats, to leading change processes, our consultants can help your team know how they communicate best, process new information, and are “hard-wired.” Trained facilitators in a variety of personality and professional course work can lead your organization towards understanding themselves better and creating synergy.

Starting a Nonprofit: Are you Ready?

Are you ready to turn your dream into a reality? We have several start-up resources, including our “Starting a 501(c)(3) Organization” guide.

We have the breadth and depth of management and consulting expertise needed to answer your organization’s unique questions.


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