A Summer at Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits

by Karlee Bittle, former OKCNP Marketing Intern

I have always been a nonprofit lover. My mom is an executive director of a nonprofit and I grew up volunteering and donating when I could. The summer before I graduated college I knew I needed to continue to build my resume too. My mom had a great experience with the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits and recommend I give them a look for my internship search. I loved how much they incorporated two of my favorite things – nonprofits and business. At the time, I was double majoring at Oklahoma State University studying Marketing and Management; the Marketing and Communications Internship caught my eye. I was obsessed and checked my email 24/7 waiting to hear when I could interview with them. After my first phone call, I was hooked! I couldn’t wait to see what I could accomplish and give back to organizations who helped shape me into the young professional I am today.

I loved this internship because it challenged me. I drove from Stillwater two days a week and worked 8AM-5PM on those days. The internship first taught me self-discipline to not stay up way too late watching Netflix and be responsible because they were counting on me. I had the opportunity to master the art of branding an organization and how to consistently maintain a website. I had a great team that taught me everything from event planning, website management, donor management, and everything in between. Not to mention, I got the opportunity to sit in on some great nonprofit leadership classes (Nonprofit Management Certification, Standards for Excellence) that I still refer to today! I was blessed with the best team and people who genuinely wanted me to succeed. Trying things I hadn’t known before excited me and I was ready to tackle any job.

I feel like my summer at OKCNP was years ago, but I still use what I learned during my experience today. Over a year ago I joined a Fortune 500 company as a recruiter where I use so many of the skills I learned in my internship! I run social media, mentor students, recruit on campuses, and manage our brand from multiple outlets. I don’t think this would have come so easy to me without my internship at OKCNP. Some projects I get assigned in my current role I don’t have to sweat over, because I was taught by a great team that truly wanted me to be successful and made sure I was growing into a better professional every day.

I am so thankful for my time at the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits. They continue to give to Oklahoma every day and I couldn’t be more blessed to have spent a summer with the most caring people I’ve ever met.

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