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  1. Shared Webinar Partnerships: Charting Your Nonprofit’s Path Forward (Virtual)

    December 1 @ 11:30 am - 1:30 pm
  2. Cultural Consciousness

    December 2 @ 9:00 am - December 3 @ 4:00 pm
  3. Standards for Excellence (Virtual)

    December 2 @ 9:00 am - December 3 @ 4:00 pm
  4. NMC: Professional (OKC/Virtual) – Session IV

    December 8 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
  5. NMC: Fundamental (OKC/Virtual) Session IV

    December 9 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • If you haven’t taken the Standards for Excellence training at OKCNP, and you wonder if it will help your organization, sign up now! Five of our board members went this week, and things are SO much clearer.

    Laura Labus
    Laura Labus President of Oklahoma Association of Neonatal and Pediatric Therapists
  • “We need to be organized and true to our mission. SFX gave us a great framework with which to start building this complex organization. We now have that ability and transparency to maintain the highest standards of ethics and financial procedures. This Accreditation will distinguish us in the crowd. On every grant application and in all negotiations with federal agencies, we talk about our Accreditation and what it brings to our organization.”

    Rex Smitherson Executive Director of i2e
  • Shared Services saved my professional sanity! We had been using a CPA for years that wasn’t able to provide the reporting required for grant applications and funding requests. Our Financial Statements were confusing and almost impossible to read, even for our Board Members that had backgrounds in Finance. The staff at Shared Services worked with me to rebuild our whole financial structure and now we are growing like never before. "

    Ashleigh Gibson, MA, LPC
    Ashleigh Gibson, MA, LPC Metro Tech Foundation
  • I cannot begin to express the insight and knowledge I gained from the OKCNP’s Leaders Circle. Lead by expert advisers, the value I gained came from the cross-feed of knowledge, experience, and real situations from each of the leaders in our group. This was a small intimate setting that allowed for relationships to evolve so we felt comfortable sharing about any situation we may have been dealing with. It was a great learning experience.

    Brian Rush
    Brian Rush Executive Director, Daily Living Centers of Oklahoma
  • The most satisfying part of the Leaders' Circle was getting to know the cohort group members. Being an executive director is a lonely job. Having the ability to discuss issues within a safe forum that OKCNP created was priceless. There was so much experience, knowledge, and wisdom passed around that my own job was ultimately made more enjoyable and productive.

    Ann Thompson
    Ann Thompson Oklahoma Humanities Council
  • I gained valuable knowledge on running a nonprofit from the OKCNP Leader’s Circle, and I have implemented two important lessons from Marnie Taylor's nonprofit management presentation. More than anything, it has been great to have a group of fellow nonprofit leaders to share triumphs and sorrows. It helps you feel like you are not alone and renews your calling to the cause you work so hard for. The OKCNP staff are also very welcoming and encourage discussion and freedom to ask tough questions

    Tarah Warren
    Tarah Warren Executive Director, Tenaciously Teal
  • For me the relationships formed with other local ED’s and the speakers was the best part. Leaders' Circle gave me people I could relate to in their challenges and triumphs and someone I can reach out to in the future. Each course was very good and useful. It challenged me to keep my leadership development group going here at Ardmore Village. We all need encouragement to keep growing!

    Randy McFarland Executive Director at Ardmore Village
  • The value we’ve received from our membership at OKCNP has been beyond what we could have imagined. As we’ve grown and evolved we’ve utilized the helpline and coaching services from OKCNP. We’re grateful to be able to access these crucial services through OKCNP to help our organization thrive.

    Melissa Bryce Gamble
    Melissa Bryce Gamble Executive Director and Co-Founder, The Global Foundation for Peroxisomal Disorders
  • Membership to OKCNP has been a great investment for our organization! Among my favorite membership perks include real relationships with nonprofit professionals both on the OKCNP staff and with other nonprofit organizations around the state. When you need advice, it’s comforting to know you’re not alone and to be connected with such a rich community of knowledgeable people.

    Dr. Angela Carter
    Dr. Angela Carter Tulsa Symphony, Development Director | Clarinetist
  • Thanks to all of your staff for the training and experience you offer to raise the level of competence and confidence in the nonprofit sector. I've learned a great deal in your classes and hope to apply these lessons in the nonprofit sector.

    Celia Moor
    Celia Moor Carousel Corral Foundation


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